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Palm Breeze 2015 Ambassador

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In 2015, Melissa Johnson was the ambassador for Palm Breeze. In partnership with the brand, Melissa styled multiple photoshoots for Palm Breeze & Best Friends For Frosting. Melissa also co-hosted Palm Breeze’s launch event in LA, alongside celebrity Shay Mitchell of ABC Family’s hit show, Pretty Little Liars. The event had top-tier guests and media such as TMZ, US Weekly, Producers of Ellen Degenerous,, and many more! Melissa created a DIY video and hosted various giveaways on Best Friends For Frosting, including a Best Friends For Frosting “Girl’s Night Out” giveaway, which turned out to be a huge success! Melissa also styled and curated a girlfriend’s home makeover.

See more details from Melissa’s ambassadorship on Palm Breeze’s Instagram PageBest Friends For Frosting!

Style in Collaboration with Palm Breeze + Best Friends For Frosting