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I must say, collaborating with brands is such an important aspect of blogging that I am so passionate about.  Media kits can be so much fun as they capture the mood and feeling of your brand in a 1-2 page summary. You would be surprised by how much highlighting photos and words can do for your brand’s awareness. A well put together media kit will help you to stand out from the rest of the brands in your niche, and will prove to a company that you’re worth their time.

You don’t have to be a blogger to have a media kit. You can be a freelancer, writer, shop, photographer, etc. and still benefit from the perks. As I am writing this media kit from a blogging perspective, I’ve included a lot of must-haves for bloggers, but feel free to tweak this checklist to your liking to fit your own brand.”

1. Purpose: Create a media kit to drive brand awareness centered all around your brand – talking about what you do, what you’ve done, and how you can help them. Quickly emphasize your story, what you stand for, and communicate what you believe in. Be sure you’re tying all of this in with your brand.

2. Make something honest, powerful, and true to yourself. Brands are busy and will not always have time to dig in and research all the details they need to know about you. This is your chance to offer that information to them, without them having to work too hard. Offer them the information they need to know about you – this is your one-time shot to make a brand-centric first impression.

Collage moodboard with your own original photos– Think of why Pinterest and Instagram are some of the hottest social media outlets on the block right now. It’s because they’re very visual! I myself am a very visual person, so great photos immediately catch my attention. Creating a collage gives you a chance to really shine and to showcase your best original photos while capturing the mood and feeling of your brand.

3. Short Bio About Yourself + Your Brand- Really dive right in and sum yourself / and your brand up in a nutshell. This is your first impression, and it’s your first chance to capture your audience and entice them to continue to read more. Think about who you are, and why you do it – define your “why.” Remember to be careful not to pack TMI in this section. Make sure you hit it out of the park with the highlights of your brand’s success.

4. Fun Headshot Taken with High Resolution Camera – A picture really puts a face to a name. Your brand is your business, and a high resolution photo will show you are serious business.

5. Logo – You are a brand, and your logo captures such a big impression, especially if it’s the image used on all your social media outlets. A brand could be following you on Instagram and put two and two together by displaying your logo.

6. Tagline – Share a 1-2 sentence tagline summing up what you do in a nutshell. Sometimes, it can be really confusing to brands when you are a creative jack of all trades. Let them know exactly what you do.

7. How You Can Help Them – Go more in depth about the services you offer. Like Tony Robbins says, “It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.” Perhaps you are a mastermind collaborator and can style amazing shoots with a creative team, or maybe you can infuse your personality and drive memorable brand awareness. Let them know exactly what you can do for them, and sell yourself while sounding genuine.

8. Website Traffic Numbers & Social Media Following- Social media is such a huge part of driving brand awareness. Brands like to have a view of your numbers. Include a total social media following number, as well as individual numbers you’ve accumulated per outlet.

9. Testimonials- Ask some of your favorite brands you’ve worked with for a testimonial to include in your Media Kit. Including this testimonial will build automatic trust.

10. Exciting Projects you Have in the Works Behind the Scenes- Do you have something big on the rise that you have not announced to your followers? Or maybe it’s something you announced months ago on Instagram that’s not at your readers’ fingertips just yet? Maybe you have a book deal or a speaking engagement or a collaboration you are stoked about and want to shout it from the rooftops. Brands love to hear about this.

11. List of Brands you Already Worked- with A quick collage of a few logos or even a stylish list of brands you have collaborated with will bring so much credibility. It shows that other people believe in your brand.

12. Use a Voice & Tone that Reflects your Brand- Make sure to keep your defined brand’s voice and tone consistent throughout the details in your Media Kit. Personality and brand merged into one is what makes you, YOU.

13. Share how You Could Work with Them: Define your “zone of genius,” and talk about ways you can work together with particular brands. If you want to get extra savvy, include icons of a video camera or regular camera or computer, or whatever represents how / where you can make your partnership come to life.

14. Collage of a Few Well-Known Logos from the Press- You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, and along the way you’ve received some great press. This is something to be proud of. At a quick glance, brands will love to see who has recognized you in the past.

15. Be authentic–  Make sure it’s something you are proud and ready to have fun with.  Remember, it’s got your name on it.

Do you have a Media Kit or have a blog post about Media Kits? Feel free to leave any links to your own questions or suggestions in the comments to inspire our readers. We want to know all about it!  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for more tips and tricks here

PS. I just launched “The Get it Girl Blog Mentorship” where you can set up a phone call and ask ME anything you would like to know about building your brand & blog. 



Last week, I spoke at Alt Summit about how brands and blogs work together.  I was on a panel with an inspiring lineup – Natalie Bowman of Microsoft & Bing, Trisha Antonsen of Wayfair, and Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange.  I cannot stress HOW excited I get when talking about this topic.  I have been blogging for 6 years and working on Best Friends For Frosting for 3+ years.  Blogging is something I am SO passionate about.  I created my dream job and it allowed my husband to quit a job he had been at for 10 years and absolutely dreaded.  So perhaps he will never be as passionate about glitter and confetti and frosting in the same capacity I am in, but we are both so thrilled we can do something I love and not have to worry about requesting another holiday or birthday off for the past couple of years.  Did I tell you his boss scheduled him on our son’s first birthday?  Yes, that happened and I hope that never ever happens to you, so this is exactly why you have to read this blog post. ”


Create your dream job: It’s true – if you are going to take one thing away from this blog post, just remember that you have the power to create your dream job.  With your passion and talents, your dream job is in your hands to create.  My top tip on doing this?  Infuse your personality and passion all rolled into one (no, I am not quoting a Meredith Brooks song).  Think of all those amazing jobs you see out there – someone created those.  They did not literally fall from the sky. 😉


What Ad Networks can do for you: They perform like real-estate agents – they find brands to reserve sponsored property on your website or as part of your brand in the form of: Sidebar Ads, Sponsored Posts, Sponsored Videos, Satellite Media Tours (click here if you are wondering what on earth a satellite media tour is)  and Event Sponsors.  A few ad networks I have either personally worked with or heard through the grapevine about are:  Mode Media (Best Friends For Frosting is a featured creator with Mode), Martha’s CircleSay MediaIZEABurst MediaBlogherClever GirlsFederated Media, and Tap Influence.


I bet you are wondering what on earth a direct partnership is?  If you already know, you are one step ahead. YOU pitch & work directly with the brand versus using an ad network who is a middle man with a plan.  The cool thing is that you have so much more creative freedom when working directly with a brand.  It’s always a mutual authentic decision between the brand and the publisher.  Also, another perk of working directly with a brand is that you almost always will receive payment immediately after your project has been fulfilled. Sometimes when you work together with an ad network, it can take up to 90 days to receive payment. From our own experience at Best Friends For Frosting, we’ve almost always received immediate payment directly through the brand with our direct partnerships.


Seriously, continued partnerships are like the ultimate high five.  Remember that boyfriend who stayed with you for years?  Yup, it’s kind of similar.  The brand is telling you that they love you and your readers while you are telling the brand, we love you and are stoked to have an on-going relationship with you.  There are so many perks to tailoring these kinds of experiences.  At Best Friends For Frosting, we almost always prefer continued partnerships versus a single partnership.  Here are a few reasons why a continued partnership is key: it builds credibility & trust with the brand and the publisher, re-saturates the brand name with your readership, keeps your audience updated with the brand’s new features / products to promote, your audience will be kept on their toes and your audience looks forward to the next project you do with the brand.Brand and Blogger Relationships

Here is one of my favorite examples of a successful continued partnership at Best Friends For Frosting.  We have a yearlong partnership with Martha Stewart (so fun!).  Above is a series of images from our on-going collaborations which have done really well on Pinterest as well as our other social media platforms.  We are working on a video series to convert this content on to our YouTube channel.  Do you subscribe to our channel?  Get on the list here.


So, you’re ready to pitch a brand… let’s do this!  When pitching a brand, keep these tips in mind.  Include an e-mail: short, sweet, and to the point.  Trust me, brands receive a ton of emails so it’s important to hit all your main points on target within 4-6 sentences max.  Always address your contact by their first name.  You can find out their email address and first name by using LinkedIn, Twitter, Google or reaching out to people you know who may have worked together with them in the past or currently.  Share your genuine heart-felt interest for the brand – of course, you don’t want to make this too corny.  Above anything, always make sure that it comes across sincere.  Make sure the brand understands that you are very familiar with them and aren’t just hitting them up “just because.”  So for example, I love Kate Spade so I would mention how much I’ve enjoyed their hashtag line and maybe include something from their current line that I am enjoying with specifics like color choices (pink – obviously).  Always end your email email with a question – you want to leave curiosity so they feel enticed to respond.  You can ask a question.  At Best Friends For Frosting, we always ask if they would like to receive a copy of my media kit.  Natalie from Bing mentioned that when people automatically attach their media kit, her email has crashed and she was not a happy camper.  Natalie and Trisha of Wayfair both suggest sending your media kit as a drop box file and linking to it instead of attaching.


Speaking of Media Kits!!  In my humble opinion, a Media Kit is one of your most powerful tools when appraoching a brand.  It saves the brand from having to click to your press and about pages and stores everything a brand needs to know about you in a 1-2 page centralized location.  A Media Kit tells them about you in a nutshell.  It makes you stand out from other pitches they receive and it proves to a company you are worth their time.


Media kits are a whole blog post within itself so I put together 15 Must Have Items For your Media Kit.

That about wraps up the basics on how brands and blogs work together.  I know this is an on-going topic, so I am sure you will have some amazing ideas everyone should know about.  If I missed a beat, please leave it in the comments.  I would love to build this blog post as a resource guide for all our friends to get involved as a go-to source.

If you have further questions, I am FINALLY offering a custom program called “The Get It Girl Blog Mentorship” where I offer a limited number of one-on-one phone consultations talking about everything under the sun to take your blog to the next level.   At first, I was on the fence about offering this, but I literally receive multiple e-mails on a weekly basis (over 1300 emails over the past 3 years to be exact) asking me about how to make a successful blogging career and I felt it was my calling for Best Friends For Frosting to become a go-to resource as well as extending myself to help others create their dream job and support you.  In regards to our plans for 2014, we will be regularly updating Best Friends For Frosting with free tips on blogging – so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.  There is so much I can’t wait to share with you on the blog.

PS. Your dream job does not exist, YOU must create it!  Get it girl!!!!


Graphics on all images (minus image #1) by Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange
Top Neon Green header graphic by Graphic Anthology for Best Friends For Frosting
Image #3: Photo by Nicole Dianne Photography for Best Friends For Frosting
Image #4, 7, & 8: Milou & Olin for Best Friends For Frosting
Image #5: The Confetti Bar for Best Friends For Frosting